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by Performance Exchange from London


Three years have passed since Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty vanished into the abyss of The Reichenbach Falls. In that time, the criminals of London have been able to sleep safe in their beds. But with the murder of society card player Ronald Adair and the resurgence of the Moriarty syndicate, the capital has never been in greater need of its protector. Nigel Miles-Thomas (Holmes) and Daniel Foley (Watson) return after their critical success with 'Of Mice and Men' and look forward to performing in Thailand. 


Reviews from the sell-out 2021 Edinburgh Fringe. 


''Taut, effective and thoroughly rooted in Conan Doyle'' ''Miles-Thomas's towering performance as Holmes' **** All Edinburgh Theatre


''Classy and erudite'' ''The classic crime solving duo, Miles-Thomas is exactly who you would expect to meet as Holmes'' ****Broadway Baby


'' A fine piece of theatre'' **** British Theatre Guild.


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8 PM JANUARY 16, 2022





The Heavenly Voices from Nancy’s Voice Studio Bangkok


Chanakan Amarangkun, mezzo soprano

Sin Mei Lim, soprano

Jatupol Pinthip, tenor

Aditep Kanyoo, tenor

Siri Sranoi, piano


Di Capua, Gastaldon, Lehar, Leoncavallo, Mendelssohn, Mozart, 

Offenbach, Puccini, Purcell, Rossini, Tosti, Strauss, Verdi  





















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Ben's Theater Jomtien 403/73 Jomtien Beach Road
Pattaya Thailand
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Ben’s Theater presents non-profit-making private concerts and theatre performances that bring quality musicians and actors to Pattaya. There are no sponsors and income from ticket sales goes directly to the performers.



Changes in Pattaya’s COVID-19 situation, prompts Ben’s Theater Jomtien to revise guidelines for future performances.


All guests should use the electronic temperature meter on arrival. Outside the premises we will provide running water, soap and hand gel. The one-meter distancing will be observed in the seating arrangements. Therefore, our capacity has been reduced to 23 seats max. per concert. The seating arrangements are designed for single or duo-seats for couples/households. Audience members are requested to remain in their seats at all times, except for the use of restrooms. Masks are optional but guests must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination at the time of booking and provide a scan or photo of their Thai vaccination certificate.


There is no bar. You may pre-order your drinks with your reservation. Pre-ordered beverages will be served at your table prior to the concert and in the interval. Staff will wear masks and Perspex face shields as well as rubber gloves. All performers and staff are vaccinated.


After the concert, guests are requested to leave our premises without delay. We regret that there will not be the usual opportunity to meet the performers. These guidelines could change depending on the requirements of the authorities.