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Ben's Theater Jomtien 403/73 Jomtien Beach Road
Pattaya Thailand
Ben's Theater is a drop off place of Grab Car/Taxi. Just type: Bens Theatre

Ben’s Theater presents non-profit-making private concerts and theatre performances that bring quality musicians and actors to Pattaya. There are no sponsors and income from ticket sales goes directly to the performers.



Changes in Pattaya’s COVID-19 situation, prompts Ben’s Theater Jomtien to revise guidelines for future performances.


Today we were told from City Hall Pattaya that due to the COVID-19 situation we are not allowed to organize a ”gathering” of more than 20 people.


The future is by no means clear and the government seem to be dithering around with the vaccinations. It is uncertain how long Pattaya stays in the red zone. New strains of the virus could become contagious here too.


The Committee has reluctantly decided to cancel all events at Ben's Theater until the beginning of January 2022. At that point we will carefully review the situation, taking into account any possible government guidelines that are issued.


Stay safe and best wishes,


Ben Hansen

Colin Kirkpatrick

May 18, 2021