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Dear Friends and Guests of Ben’s Theater Jomtien,


As you know, the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic is far from certain. We are all aware that if there were a sudden surge in cases, the Thai government would have no alternative but to introduce social restrictions for a second time.

On a personal matter, I have some health issues to deal with at the moment and I have been requested by my medical practitioners to avoid all forms of stress for the coming months.

Under the circumstances, the Committee and I have decided that there will be no concerts at Ben’s Theater until the end of December 2020 and possibly a little longer depending on the situation.

I realize that this might come as a disappointment, but we feel that it unfair to both guests and artists to set up provisional concerts only to postpone them at a later date. As soon as things have generally improved, we hope to continue with further concerts at an appropriate time.


With all good wishes,

Ben Hansen

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Ben's Theater Jomtien 403/73 Jomtien Beach Road
Pattaya Thailand
Ben's Theater is a drop off place of Grab Car/Taxi. Just type: Bens Theatre

Ben’s Theater presents non-profit-making private concerts and theatre performances that bring quality musicians and actors to Pattaya. There are no sponsors and income from ticket sales goes directly to the performers.



Changes in Pattaya’s COVID-19 situation, prompts Ben’s Theater Jomtien to revise guidelines for future performances.


All guests will be asked to wear masks, and will have their temperature taken on arrival. Outside the premises we will provide running water, soap and hand gel. The one meter distancing will be observed in the seating arrangements. Therefore our capacity has been reduced to 22 seats max. per show (see plan). The seating arrangements are designed for single or duo-seats for couples/households. Audience are requested to stay in their seats at all times, except for the use of restrooms.


With your reservation you are required to pre-order your drinks. The bar is closed. We will only serve pre-ordered beverages (in plastic cups for hygienic reasons) at your table prior to the concert and in the interval.  Staff will wear masks and face shields as well as rubber gloves.